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Comments about The Tattie Bogal Festival

Friends to The Rescue as Tattie Bogal creator falls ill!
Disaster struck one local lady as she applied the finishing touches to her Tattie Bogals and was preparing to put them on display.  Unfortunately she was taken ill and was unable to put them out.  She phoned friends for assistance, not because of her illness, but in order to get her Tattie Bogals on display for all to see!  Two helpful locals went to her aid, listened to her directions and requirements and promptly erected said Bogals in position for all to see.  Well done guys!  We are not sure if the Lady has yet recovered from her illness...
'Bogal Hitchhiker' Causing Confusion for Tourists!

One crafty Tattie Bogal positioned at Carbostmore standing casually by the fence with his thumb out has seen many a tourist stop to give him a lift!  Very understandable as I nearly stopped myself!
Wee Bogal Falls Over

The wee Tattie Bogal at Drynoch Road End was seen to get blown over in the gales one night! Unable to get up, he struggled and called for help. The next day he was seen back upright - either some anonymous good soul stopped and picked him back up or the Belly Dancer came to his aid. Did you see anything?  Let us know so we can answer the mystery!  The Wee Bogal now points the way to the trail again, hurrah.
Gardener Seen Trying to cut 'Ferniloulou' Tattie Bogals' Grass Skirt Shorter

There was outrage in Fernilea earlier this week after a local gardener employed to help with a garden in Fernilea, who had previously been doing a great job of clearing up the weeds and tidying up, became distracted by the seductively dressed Tattie Bogal 'Ferniloulou'.  Said gardener has not touched a weed since and seems to be spending all his time trying to trim her grass skirt.....  You may need to get your hats folks as there could be wedding bells....
Tattie Bogal Mountaineer persuaded to stay low level by MRT for Safety Reasons.
One idea for a Tattie Bogal was to create a 'Bogal Mountaineer' and leave him in Glen Brittle with a note asking walkers/climbers to help get him to the top of The Cuillin.  The idea being people would take him as far as they could then leave him for the next person to see if we could get him to the top!  Unfortunately the Mountain Rescue Team advised this may cause many emergency calls if people spotted a 'body' on the mountains - an excellent observation hence our Mountaineer is now by the road in Glen Brittle with a collection box for the MRT!
Friendship Re-kindled as a result of tattie Bogals
It has been reported on the Bogal grapevine that neighbors who had, for no reason, not spoken to each other for over 4 years, have opened up dialogue again.  The creation of their Tattie Bogals became a talking point and they helped each other out.
Laurel & Hardy Lose a Hat

The Laurel & Hardy Tattie Bogals lost a hat one day with the wind. Mandy & John were about to stop, but the bus was behind them so they drove on. Then the bus stopped and the driver got out retrieved the hat and put it back on the head it belonged to!
Tattie Bogal didn't want a lift.

Someone asked to take the Amy Bogal away, North West Skye said No No No!

(Thank you to Courteney Sharon Dobson for the above fantastic comment which I have shamelessly stolen and used!)
First, allow me to clarify in case there should be any doubt whatsoever, the following comments are posted with full respect to Amy Winehouse and her family and the thoughts of ALL in North West Skye, and we are sure all over Skye and beyond, are with them at this sad time. We are sure that Amy would appreciate the 'interest' her Tattie Bogal has generated! 
Although it is appreciated that some may find the Amy Winehouse Tattie Bogal somewhat disrespectful now that she has died, canvasing the North West Skye Community, and in particular the young people whose idea it was to organise the whole Tattie Bogal event, the overwhelming and unanimous response has been 'Let her stay, stay, stay'.  Not only has the Amy Bogal stayed, it has provided a focus for North West Skye 'Amy fans' to remember her - the fact that flowers, notes, candles etc have been left there by people speaks for itself!  So ‘why don’t you come on over….everybody yeah yeah yeah’ and pay your respects.
RIP Amy, you are a legend, your music is fantastic and we will remember you!
A big thank you from Oban!
Here is an email we received this week thanking everyone for their Bogal efforts:
Have been on holiday in Western Isles with friends. Just returned.
Loved your scarecrow trail.
It gave us all great pleasure.
Well done everyone, and thanks.
Robert Clarke, Oban
Bogal Weddings on Offer from Fis Vaigas Wedding Chapel

Rumors of the romance between a Fiscavaig gardener and Ferniloulou Tattie Bogal have sparked a generous offer by local Tattie Bogal resident 'Elvis'.  Elvis is currently holed up at The Little Green Wedding Chapel, Fis Vaigas, and is offering to provide good entertainment and to sing the happy couple a love song.  Suggestions on a postcard please..... or you could just email them!
Tattie Bogal Organizer Lesley Justifiably Receives more thanks!
Copy of an email sent to Lesley thanking her for the wonderful idea and the efforts from her and her trusty counterparts - well done guys, its great people appreciate your efforts!  Lesley and her team are certainly hoping this will be an annual event but this will be down purely to funding as we had to pay for all the materials and activities so if you would like to help with ideas etc. then please get in touch!
Hi Lesley
Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you to you and all who have been involved in the event which clearly is a huge success. I have loved seeing all the tattie bogals and each day more arrive!!!. I am also so delighted with the number of celebs that the festival has attracted, to name a few Amy Winehouse, Elvis, Stan & Olly and Bob Marley! And with the recent arrive of the BBC's Top Gear 'The Stig' it is clear, that attraction to be involved, is great fun! Perhaps it could be that the festival could be an annual event?? I am already thinking of who to invite as my Tattie Bogal guest for next year!!
Word of Bogals Spreads to Raasay - via Kent!
We are pleased to see more pictures of the Bogals on this website - http://lifeattheendoftheroad.wordpress.com/2011/07/10/tattie-bogle/ - maintained by Paul at The end of the Calum's Road on Raasay!  Strangely, word of the link came to us via Kent!  Isn't the internet a wonderful thing!
The Bogals are getting ready to wake up for 2012!

Great news for North West Skye and The Isle of Skye for the 2012 season - the Bogals will be making a welcome return to the area this year after another year of funding has been secured. We hop to make them bigger and better than last year so watch this blog!
The Bogles are hibernating!
Well winter has come upon us once again and the majority of the Bogles have gone into hibernation although there are a couple persevering! We hope they enjoy a quiet winter and relaxing time whether resting or whether they decide to holiday in far flung places such as The Bogle Winery in California - several may have already been there already! We hope to bring you the 2012 version of The North West Skye Tattie Bogle Festival - leave your comments here if you you want to see the Bogles back in town!
More Bogal Praise
Hello Lesssssley!
Chris and I have just this minute returned from seeing the 'Tattie Boggle' along the road and around Skye. What a star you are!! The amount of work that would have gone into this event - wow! I realise the actual event had loads more scarecrows but we were sooooo impressed by what we saw! Amazing creations that evoked all human emotions. The turning into the trail with Bollywood figure made me laugh!
I am already beginning to create (in my mind) a Bollywood number for your opening next year (but only if you want it!!).
You definitely deserve to get funding for this event for next year. I'm sure that you're not short of quotes/views but if you need any more to support your applications, we'd be happy to contribute! Go girl!
Neelam said to wish you a belated Happy Birthday.
Keep up your energy and lovely enthusiasm for all you do...........!
Love..........Meena xx
More Photos Added
Thanks to John Pear who went around and took photos of all the Bogals - John provided the initial batch went around and took more as the Bogals multiplied! These have now been added to the website however, on my last drive over the way I think there are even more up so if you have any photos that are not shown here yet, send them to me and I'll add them!
Stockport Family Praise Bogal Efforts!
This message was received from the Adam Clan, Stockport!
On holiday in Skye and came across this wonderful display.  Such wit and such humour! We love the way that everyone has pitched in to make this a completely unique exhibition. There is so much talent here. Particularly liked the shark fishing a human in Carbost (let's hope the human eventually got away) and the grannie with her knitting and walking frame. We hear that people stop to offer the Bob Marley hitchhiker a lift and is that two Elvises we saw? We saw a tattie bogal waiting for a bus but he seems to have got tired and fallen over - hope that's not a reflection of the bus service. Long may you flourish!
Best Wishes,
Alison and Craig
(where there are no tattie bogals, alas)
Bogal Wishing Well
We are delighted to provide a Tattie Bogal Wishing Well as a focal point which is located opposite Talisker Distillery for now, this will be moved arounf the island as we grow and develop - many thanks to Talisker Distillery for their assistance in placing the wishing well. It is hoped that locals and tourists alike will use the attraction which will help turn Tattie Bogal into a sustainable venture. Pop down to the wishing well and make your wish come true!
First Praise for Tattie Bogal 2012!
Many thanks to Linda Jackson for this comment which we will take on board:
"I was out for a wee run last Sunday and saw the amazing bogal at the Carbost roadend which is just fantastic, someone is very talented, I also saw a couple down at Eyenort beech, I was so puzzled as to what it was all about that I emailed someone and they gave me this site address.
My only comment (apart from I think its all very exciting and you should all be congratulated for all your hard work) is possibly a sign giving a brief description of what its all about at the road end, so that folk like me know what I'm looking for and will enjoy what I'm seeing more, but congratulations for a great idea and for making it all come alive.
WELL DONE Skye needs more Tattie Bogals."
People are Asking Who is Mrs Bogal?  tI is Lesley!!!
Rumours abound about the identity of Mrs Bogal - get yourself over to Portree to see who she is. Send us your comments and pictures
What a Great Idea!
Many thanks to the Macintyre Family from Glasgow for these lovely comments:
We were in Skye in August while hubby was climbing one of the big lumps, my 6yr old daughter and I had a great time following the tattie bogals one Saturday followed by a lovely cream tea at North West Skye hall and 3 hrs at Fiskivaig bay. In fact so much so we did it all again on the Sunday with Daddy including another massive meringue tea at the hall! Our favourites were the Queen, pink panther, Make Love Not War, Bert Dropping. Aunt Sally and the Sunbather, Midge attack and we would never have found the bay without the chef! However they were all good, so much effort put into them but worth it because we giggled all the way.
The trail is a great idea, my daughter loved it. We bought two tattie bogals from the tattie bogal shop which now have their own seat in our car .
The McIntyres, Glasgow.
We Made a Wish!
Thank you Colin and family for your feedback and Support!

Hi Lesley.
I thought I'd send you this picture of my daughter Ellie making a wish at the well. Not sure what she wished for but there's about a million moshi monsters in her bedroom now. Had a great time in Skye seeing all the tattie bogals.
Great community spirit seems to be alive there.
All the best. Colin.
People Asking when the Festival Ends
We have had a few people contact us to ask when the Festival will finish as they want to return with friends and family before it finishes! We plan to leave the bogals up until the end of September and there may be a BBQ and bonfire to burn the rubbish - watch this space!
Thanks to Catherine Fenwick and Jo Gregory for asking and for your kind words!
Treat for a Teacher
Many thanks to Peter from Nairn for this lovely comment - we look forward to hearing about whether this year's Tattie Bogals will feature in a school project for 6 year olds in Bristol! Watch this space!

I visited the Tattie Bogal trail in Skye with my daughter from Bristol. She teaches 6 Year olds & was enraptured by the figures & took many Photos to show her pupils & hopefully use in a project at school. Coincidentally while there she met a teacher from North of England who was taking photos with the same idea for her 7 yr old pupils!
Tattie Bogals will be meeting many children who have not had the fun of seeing them.
Well done all involved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Peter C Nairn
More Bogal Praise
Thank you Murdo & Jon from Plockton who left this comment:
Absolutely fantastic idea and what quality in the tattie bogals from Talisker to Portnalong. We finally got to the hall, had a nice cup of tea and a hotdog and met Loopy loo and friend (Mags and Lesley) where all was explained!!! This was a grand day out on Skye and congratulations to all those who put in a tremendous effort for the community.
Murdo and John Don (Plockton)
So Good We're Coming Back for more!
We were on Skye for a few days from Sunday 28th July to Tuesday 30th of July and spent most of that time looking for Tattie Bogals - it was brilliant, we loved it. We spent so much time looking for them that we are going to have to come back later in the year and see what we missed.
Thanks for some great fun ,
Duncan & Heather Hunter.
Headless Bogal cuases concern for tourists
As the 2013 Tattie Bogal season gets underway we have been hearing about some concerned tourists who witnessed a headless Tattie Bogal being carried down the road by one of our creators!  Thankfully they refrained from calling the police and were relieved to see the body was made of straw and wasn't another tourist!
We can't wait to see what the creative people of North West Skye come up with this year so stay tuned and keep an eye on the website for events, activities and photos of this years bogals as they appear!
Festival Over for 2012
Well, after another very busy season with successful events, loads of great ideas, some wonderful creations and a huge effort from the North West Skye Community, it is time to put the Tattie Bogals to bed for the winter!
Well done to all who assisted whether at events, creating Bogals, attended activities and helped promote the Festival. We are pleased to.
Please put your Bogals to bed and if you have any ideas for 2014, you know where we are!  2014 we will be going Skye Wide




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